mojo 16 is live!

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From Issue 16:


“Outside the gates,
a cow empties herself

to feed her child &
tonight we are churning 
butter with our hands.”

— Excerpt from “Coming Home” by Uma Menon


“As this teenage beauty queen slept, the ants buried themselves under her skin, better to be underflesh, they thought, less susceptible to the whims of her environment. They made their new home beneath the skin, stretched out their legs, twitched their antennas, and bred, and bred. A new horde of ants was running her show, and when she woke, the beauty queen was at their mercy.”

— Excerpt from “Bipolar Beauty Queen” by Shanna Merceron


“My sister is better at being a girl than I am. I know this is true, even though God once told me that there a million and one different ways to be a girl.”

–Excerpt from “Fast” by Levi Cain