From Issue 14:


“can you slice through the nerve of a flower?
can you carry my body (in fragments) in the suitcase
until the hills invent a witness
until I become a plastic doll?”

— Excerpt from “I was once a pretty _______.” by Nikoletta Nousiopoulos


“We are our ancestors gathering berries in Kentucky. We are archaeologists looking for clues.
We are tadpole chasers. We are sisters. The water is cold on our ankles. The closer we get to the storm drain, the deeper the water and the better the frogs. We test how close we can get to the green ones, and delight in the momma toads hidden under the skunk leaves. We only catch them to catch them, and then we let them go. Sometimes, we’ll put the green friends in a bucket so we can pet their slippery backs with our fingers.”

— Excerpt from “When the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky” by Jackie Sizemore