The Man With Too Many Ears – Zachary Doss

The man with too many ears has ears all over his body. His
ears aren’t connected to anything in his brain & he doesn’t hear
any better than average but this is a misconception people
have. When people talk to him they talk in whispers because
they assume that his hearing is magnified, sensitive. He spends
a lot of time explaining this to other people, speak up please no
louder no louder than that
. His lovers whisper into the small
elegantly shaped ear behind his knee & he never knows what
they say, their secrets enter his deaf body & the sound goes
into the meat of him where it is a mute vibration he feels
aching in the strands of his muscles until it dies. When he gets
old his working ears become deaf & he goes to the ear doctor
& the ear doctor asks which ear are you having trouble with & the
man with too many ears says all of them.