James Gendron – From Weirde Sister

A finger simulator where you live as a finger

And do only those things which fingers are permitted to do

For twenty years, so that when you are finally released

The thought of living as other than a finger is so horrific

You cut the rest of your body off

A stomping of you in a laborious dance

Wherein they wear your foot skin as a shoe

A combine that harvests your dreams

And marinates them in incepted traumas

Making there be no home in your memory

Where you can live in

Should the present be treating you unkindly

A hook that brings internal organs

Into the exterior of the body

Strictly for pain purposes, beating, say,

The liver with a length of rope

The spraying of your back with bactic acid

A machine that tells you the truth about

The things your life has been conducted

As an elaborate means of avoiding