Poetry for mojo 13

KFG — He Calls Me Goddess

as if MAGIC obsoletes
or nullifies laws goddess doesn’t qualify
for human rights 
scoffs small-print clause

he holds open every exit
like a true gentlemen

since mankind couldn’t possibly reach
the starry skirt of your pedestal
why bother leashing our rabid hand-beasts
humble roamers of land?

as if OUT THERE was anything more
than a dare for space cowboys
can an atmosphere of SPARKLES
dissolve pathogenic rockets?

how does one criminalize possession-demonic girth
inflating compass needles of men HAH,
a spirit would slip right outta handcuffs! 

& if I call myself goddess     pour over a mirror
clenching my little pearl dick     call out
Aphrodite & Narcissus in the same tongue
call me fool   remind me

how quickly girls decompose     point out moss abscess
growing on my cheek      pool scum upon reflection

with my spirit stashed in a cloud’s pocket
suckle bone broth of my fortitude
let the caveman in you take credit

by try wiping my makeup off this cosmos
.           I dare you
you’ll find this bitchin’ inflammation isn’t blush

my bodies humor you
play dead for weeks in satin beds
embossing edges into coffin sheets
into deep hard dirt

disseminated knees     teeth &    knuckles
arrange the broad grin of the underworld–
ivory tread crackling the levee
beneath your unwitting city

say my name
with the same fear you say
heaven AND   hell

say it with the same fear you say omniscient
as in: every molecule of air is an eyeball

beg the wind for mercy–
I hope choking gets you off