Nick Tryling — Song [bird] Exploder: a queer history and how to

adapted from the podcast of Hrishikesh Hirway with Rostam

before there were lyrics or corvids
there was a beat
and a songbird named queer theory


          the original beat
                    is nowhere

                              two ruffs: one to love
                              you sweetly

                    to be found layered with grackle
                    vinyl punk

                    three brants and the truth
                    pitch shifted

                             one does
                             so discreetly

                    chase them through a pane
                    the light refracts


                    no one can choose rhythm for you

                                        mix vocal
                                        chords unpredictable
                                                  and 70s synth
                                                            snare dynamics

                              hold the birds against the window
                              copy them measure by
                    measure–parts of your song
                                        are going to access different moods–

                              capture a certain energy
                    in each length of wing

harmonically dense
with double-bass and cello
listen for the hum of distant insect armies

                              like snap of hollow bones
                    at the end
          guitars and the trident

          circuitry and voltage
                    plume circling a coil