Jason Hart- The Attack of the 151-ft Woman

6 page comic, 3 panels per page. Read top to bottom. Full color. Cover: Panel One: Family in a car with mother in the front seat and daughter in the back. The backs of their heads to us. Also in the backseat, another daughter is facing us with her hand pressed against the back mirror. “When they finally launch their offensive against the giantess,” Panel Two: Car turning the corner in a city, reads “(cont.) we pack our bags.”

Page 2: Panel Three: Highway by a large city with helicopters in the background reading, “Momma says she won’t watch debris rise over NYC again,” Panel Four: “(cont.) so we head for the southern coastline.” Looking overhead at a highway with many cars. Panel Five: Group of military-looking men. One of them in foreground with a large missile going off.

Page 3: Panel Six: Missile hitting the back of the 151-ft Woman in the city with helicopters flying over. Panel Seven: Hand of the 151-ft Woman with ropes being thrown over it by many people. Panel Eight: Large police force in riot gear and a large police truck on the left hand side.

Page 4: Panel Nine: Hand of the 151-ft Woman crushing a helicopter. Panel Ten: Torso of 151-ft Woman being hit by missile, dropping a torch from her left hand. Panel Eleven: Head and shoulders of 151-ft Woman on the ground. Her head is wearing a crown. It is clear the Woman is the Statue of Liberty.

Page 5: Panel Twelve: Smoke coming off of the Statue of Liberty with people walking over her. Panel Thirteen: On left, close up on the Statue of Liberty’s eye. On the right, two men with shot guns stand. One is holding the confederate flag. Panel Fourteen: Two women taking a selfie in front of the fallen torch. Panel reads, “When we reach Florida,”

Page 6: Panel Fifteen: “(cont.) there’s a wildfire burning all along one side of the horizon.” Close up to one of the daughters’ face looking through the car window with a reflection of fire. “It cuts a white-hot line through the deepest night I’ve ever seen.” Panel Sixteen: “Momma glances at me in the rear view, says it won’t get us. We’re moving too fast.” Car in the bottom left corner driving on the road with wildfires in the distance. “But even still, an animal fear rises up strong in my throat. My eyes start to water, thinking about that heat.” Panel Seventeen: Close up to fires. “I can’t even see the other three sides still open to us.”

Jason Hart is a visual storyteller based in Dayton, Ohio. He graduated from The Art Institute of
Pittsburgh in 2005 and works by day as a marketing agency art director and designer. By evening, he
is a father and husband (his favorite job). And once everyone else falls asleep, he writes and draws
comics all night long.

Jason’s most recent narrative works can be found in arts and literary journals such as Illustoria,
UPPERCASE, Ink Brick, New Plains Review, Barrelhouse, Geometry, and Flock, as well as comics
anthologies from Stache Publishing, Oneshi Press, Call Out Comics, and elsewhere.
Jason hates the Internet but posts to Instagram often enough (@json.hart) and Facebook
(jasonhart.comics) and Tumblr (showerstorm) more infrequently.