Marit Ericson- “Message to the Aliens from this Dude, Isaac”

If you want to know, talk to the people with glasses
Most of us say things like “Millennium Falcon” and “carb count,”
but we don’t know what the heck we’re talking about.
We get insecure and lash out at things we don’t understand.
Like my neighbor re: marshmallow fluff. That stuff
can be part of a balanced diet.
Do you just have a spoonful now and then, at two a.m., in your boxer-briefs?
Get in line, friend.
If you need anything, mi casa es su casa.
The fridge has a couple beers left,
restroom’s down the hall.
I doubt we’ll have overmuch antagonistic friction.
I mean, hubbub. We’re not always on like, I don’t know, robots?
(Sorry robots. If you really do feel.)
Okay, so I worry! I worry. But I’m a laid-back kind of guy.
Seriously though. Please don’t blow up my planet. It’s where I keep all my stuff.