mojo is the online literary journal of Wichita State University. We’re dedicated to the revolution of literary spaces—the breaking of conventions, the exploration of provocation, the inclusion of all voices. Established, emerging, or identities often marginalized by our society’s narrative—we want your work.

Bring on your off-the-wall, genre-mixing, mad-scientist-experimentation of the written word. Bring on your wildest imaginings of just how far you can push form, structure, the foundation of human moments and what it means to share them. Bring on your best. We don’t sacrifice quality for novelty. The best way to see what we’re interested in? Read our past issues.

As for the logistics:

We accept fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, published in the Fall and Spring. All selected work is considered for the annual edition of Mikrokosmos—our print journal that has published for over fifty years, featuring work from William S. Burroughs, Charles Plymell, and William Stafford, among others.

Now, give us something to read—we want to revolt. 


Editor-in-Chief | Austin Putty

Austin Putty is a third-year MFA candidate in fiction from Louisville, Kentucky. He has heard every variation of the nickname “Silly Putty.” His all-time favorites are “The Putter Ranger” and “The HippoPuttamos.” He is often sleep-deprived. 

Managing Editor/Web Editor | Luke Ulatowski

Luke Ulatowski is a second-year MFA candidate in poetry. He received his BA in writing from Lakeland University in Wisconsin, where he served as editor-in-chief of The Lakeland Mirror and assistant editor of Seems Literary Magazine.

Fiction Editor | Merrick Preti

Merrick Preti is a second-year MFA candidate from Virginia Beach, VA. She is an avid reader of fantasy novels, has a twin sister, and enjoys boxing and surfing in her free time. 

  Fiction Editor | Rob Burke

Undergraduate Fiction Editor | Logan Rogers

Logan Rogers is a third-year student pursuing his BA in Creative Writing. He was born in Wichita, KS and taught the joy of all things nerdy by his father from a young age.

Nonfiction Editor | Janet Federico

Janet Federico is a second-year MFA candidate in fiction from Washington, DC. She is a vocabulary vixen, dog lover, activist, educator, artist & amateur chef.

Undergraduate Nonfiction Editor | Conor Baxter

Connor Baxter is a senior pursuing a BA from Derby, KS. He is most commonly found in areas devoid of sunlight. Responding to any questions he asks regarding your knowledge of true crime is considered unwise.

Poetry Editor | Christopher Walters

Christopher Walters is from California. He is a first-year MFA candidate in poetry and a graduate teaching assistant.

Undergraduate Poetry Editor | Jouquin Fox

Jouquin Fox is working towards a BA in poetry and creative writing at WSU. He is free flow and a giddy absorber. He mostly creates poetry and music in his free time, and he is a hopeful junky of all forms of art.

Marketing Director | Stephen Woodgeard 

Stephen Woodgeard. Second-year fiction student. Short Story advocate. Diane Arbus aficionado. From the hollers of SE Ohio to the Arizona desert. Irony isn’t dead.

Special Projects Manager | Rob Yates

Rob Yates is a semi-retired journalist and radio host currently residing in Wichita, KS. His published works include three films, ten stage plays, two collected works of poetry, and two novels. He currently teaches at Wichita State while studying early runic poetry. Outside of the classroom, he spends time composing music and sailing, accompanied by his loyal Husky companion.

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