mojo is the online literary journal of Wichita State University. We’re dedicated to the revolution of literary spaces—the breaking of conventions, the exploration of provocation, the inclusion of all voices. Established, emerging, or identities often marginalized by our society’s narrative—we want your work.

Bring on your off-the-wall, genre-mixing, mad-scientist-experimentation of the written word. Bring on your wildest imaginings of just how far you can push form, structure, the foundation of human moments and what it means to share them. Bring on your best. We don’t sacrifice quality for novelty. The best way to see what we’re interested in? Read our past issues.


As for the logistics:

We accept fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, published in the Fall and Spring. All selected work is considered for the annual edition of Mikrokosmos—our print journal that has published for over fifty years, featuring work from William S. Burroughs, Charles Plymell, and William Stafford, among others.


Now, give us something to read—we want to revolt. 



Co-Editor-in-Chief | Aaron Bristow-Rodriguez 

Aaron Bristow-Rodriguez was born in Wisconsin. He received his BA from the University of Minnesota. He is a third-year MFA poetry candidate at Wichita State University.






Co-Editor-in-Chief | Mariah Perkins 

Mariah Perkins is a third-year MFA poetry candidate. Originally from Grand Rapids, MI, she came up at the best open mic night around—The Drunken Retort. Her work can be found or is forthcoming in Lunch Ticket, Fugue, Crack the Spine, and heard on WYCE’s Electric Poetry. Mariah is a proud dogmom to a three-year-old lab/pit mix, Virginia.





Assistant Editor and Web | Sydney Martin

Sydney Martin is a second-year MFA fiction candidate. She graduated from Rockhurst University with degrees in English and Strategic Communication, as well as a minor in French. Along with good writing, Sydney enjoys free local events, trying new recipes to moderate success, and making fancy wall decorations out of toilet paper tubes.





Fiction Editor | Becca Yenser

Becca Yenser is the author of the chapbook Too High and Too Blue in New Mexico (Dancing Girl Press 2018). Her fiction has appeared in Dostoyevsky WannabeCHEAP POPPom PomEntropy1001 Editors,Toasted Cheese, and elsewhere. She is a second-year fiction candidate in the MFA program at Wichita State University. This is where she tells you that she likes gardening and bicycling.





Poetry Editor | John Darr

John Darr is a poet, music producer and educator from Richmond, VA. He loves poetry with dense, musical language and emotional urgency. His work is most recently published in SOFTBLOW and Virga, and you can catch his flarfy micro-poems by following @lostlostdog on Instagram.






Nonfiction Editor | Dan Arndt

Dan Arndt is a second-year fiction MFA candidate at Wichita State University. Originally from Indianapolis, he has a degree in English from Indiana University, where he studied nonfiction under Alyce Miller. His favorite writers include Joseph Mitchell, Mary Roach, and Ta-Nehisi Coates.






Art Director | Zachary Warwick

Zachary Warwick is an undergraduate student at Wichita State University. In 2017, he was named the Mary Joad Waid scholar by the Ulrich Museum of Art. He has written for multiple exhibitions such as We the People: American Art of Social Concern and Future Forward: A Showcase of Young Emerging Artists. He is currently receiving his BA in art history and English literature.






Undergraduate Editor (Fiction) | Joseph T. Nguyen

Joseph T. Nguyen is a senior undergraduate English major at Wichita State University with a focus on creative writing. He has lived a thousand and one lives, mainly through role-playing games and good ol’ print fiction. He grew up reading the works of Tolkien (Silmarillion included) and thus was a staunch Fantasy camp follower. However he has recently been exposed to William Gibson and Frank Herbert and the tides are turning. Goodbye D&D, hello Shadowrun.





Undergraduate Editor (Poetry) | Caroline Erickson

Caroline Erickson is a second year creative writing undergraduate at WSU, with minors in political science and graphic design. In 2017 she received a national silver medal from Scholastic Writing Awards for her senior writing portfolio, and her poetry appears in The 2016 Kansas Voices Writing Contest Anthology and the upcoming anthology Nuances. Her favorite flowers are peonies and her favorite cat is a maine coon/ragdoll mix named Samwise.





Undergraduate Editor (Nonfiction) | Madison Murphy 

Madison is a Navy veteran, writer, and self-proclaimed dog mom. She graduates with her BA in creative writing at Wichita State University in December of 2018. When her eyes aren’t glued to a true crime novel, she’s out with her partner in crime and service dog in training, Hemingway.





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